Welcome to Dyno-Hire.com.au

Dyno-Hire is a Brisbane based Dynometer Hire offering mobile Dyno Dynamics dynometers thoughout Queensland.

With consumer demand for mobile dyno tuning rising in the last few years, the team at Dyno-Hire saw there was a need for a mobile dyno solution for those workshops looking to short term hire a tuning and diagnostics machine at a cost effective rate.

Tuning a vehcile on a Dyno Dynamics dyno allows you to not only improve your capabilities in diagnosing issues, but also allows you to accurately gauge air/fuel mixtures, intake and exhaust temp, boost pressure and temp before and after the intercooling phase, maximum power/torque at set RPM, and so much more!

Hiring a Dyno-Hire dyno means you will never again have to worry about the possibility of an accident when one of your staff takes a vehicle out on the road. You can diagnose problems in the safety of your workshop!